• Saving Money on Heating and Cooling Bills
  • Job can be finished in a single day
  • Reduce condensation and save on building materials
  • Soundproofing

The services that Primary Home Improvements provide have many benefits for your home and your family. It’s more than just saving money on home heating and cooling bills. Although, saving energy costs is primarily the most important benefit, we find that our insulation services also are effective in other areas as well. We respect your time, so most jobs can be done in one day. Properly insulating your home can also save your building materials by reducing the amount of condensation in your home. The materials we use are more efficient than some traditional insulation products. Finally, there is an added soundproofing benefit from room to room enjoyed by many homeowners. 

Saves Energy

In the summer, the blown-in material keeps the indoor attic cooler and prevents heated and cooled air from leaking out. The material improves HVAC performance, increases indoor comfort, and saves energy by effectively sealing even small cracks and crevices. Some homeowners claim to save up to 50% on their energy bills, and the installation typically pays for itself in two to four years.

Quick and Easy Installation

Two professionals can complete an installation within a few hours. The material is delivered through a hose directly into the spaces to be covered. When installed by qualified professionals, the material seals wooden crossbeams, electrical wiring, and plumbing pipes to create a seamless protective covering.

Reduced Condensation

Condensation and moisture can be kept out of your attic with an airtight seal of blown material. Mold, mildew, and bacteria have a harder time growing in this environment. It can protect your roof from rot and odors, as well as condensation and moisture damage.

More Efficient Than Fiberglass Batting

According to studies, blown materials with the same R-value are up to 22% more efficient than fiberglass batting. Because the blown material is flexible, it can seal all those difficult-to-reach places and tight crevices that batting can't.

Soundproofing Benefits

The blown material creates a tight seal in your attic that mutes indoor noise from one room to another. The sound buffer also reduces outdoor noise. The overall noise reduction can make your home feel more peaceful, comforting and safe.

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