Our New RetroFoam Home Insulation Can Help You Save Money and Stay Comfortable All Year Round!

Find Out How Our New RetroFoam Home Insulation Injection Can Help You Save Money and Stay Comfortable All Year Round!

How much home insulation do you need to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable year round? That’s a great question. Determining how much insulation you need depends on many variables. That’s why our consultants are trained to determine the amount of insulation you need to create an energy-efficient and comfortable home. In this article, we will explain how RetroFoam will benefit your home, how it works, how we install it, and how it can save you money and make your home more comfortable.

Benefits of RetroFoam Insulation.

By adding insulation to your home’s walls, you can boost your home’s energy efficiency. RetroFoam is effective at slowing heat loss, which can save you money on energy bills. And best of all, it will help you stay comfortable throughout every season of the year. Once installed in your home’s exterior walls, RetroFoam insulates against cold winter winds while helping you keep cool during hot summer months.

How does RetroFoam Insulation Work?

RetroFoam injection foam is a type of insulation that creates an air seal. It does this by expanding within your walls, filling every square inch of the cavity. Sealing the air gaps within the wall. RetroFoam never shrinks or loses its shape. Cellulose and fiberglass insulation will shrink or settle over time. It is a tripolmer resin that creates a non-toxic and odor-free foam. Being a Class one fire-rated product, RertroFoam is a great choice for insulating your home.

What is the installation process?

When installing RetroFoam home insulation, you won’t have to worry about breaking your drywall or ripping your house apart. Outside your home, injection foam can be put. It is not necessary to remove any old fiberglass from your home prior to installation. If there is any loose cellulose in the cavity walls, technicians will remove as much of it as possible before injecting the foam.

Depending on the type of siding on your home, the process varies slightly. A home with aluminum or vinyl siding will have a section of the siding removed all the way around it. The RetroFoam is then injected into each stud cavity through a hole bored into the cavity.

Will RetroFoam save me money?

The amount of money you save on your monthly energy costs will vary, and a few factors will influence the final figure. Depending on the other circumstances, retrofitting your existing walls with RetroFoam insulation can save you up to 50%. Another factor to consider is how much money you’ll save by not having to replace or update the injection foam.

Foam insulation never wears out, never sags or shifts, and never needs to be replaced due to age. Because there are no replacement or maintenance costs, this will save you money over time as compared to standard insulation.

How does RetroFoam keep my family comfortable?

RetroFoam Insulation keeps your family comfortable by limiting the fluctuation in temperatures in your home. By reducing drafts, RetroFoam will keep your heated home warmer by creating an air seal in your existing walls, which will stop cold winds from getting inside your home. In the summer, it helps keep the conditioned air in your home from escaping. By limiting the amount of heat transfer from happening in your home, your home’s temperature remains consistent.

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