I’m Worried My A/C is Working Too Hard. Could It Be Poor Insulation?

Who would have guessed that inadequate insulation in your home might affect how well your air conditioner works?

It can and does happen because if the hot air from the outdoors is entering your home, your air conditioner could overwork itself just attempting to keep up.

Airflow into and out of your home is still permitted by conventional insulation materials like cellulose and fiberglass. Therefore, the U.S. The Department of Energy advises sealing the air leaks in your current house.

Your home will have a year-round airtight seal thanks to the foam insulation. Additionally, the foam insulation will help keep the temperature in your home consistent, which will save your monthly energy costs.

Help Your A/C

You can give your A/C a break by using certain techniques.

To move the air about the room, utilize ceiling fans. Simply check that the fan’s settings are not set to winter. Additionally, you may schedule your thermostat to turn on and off when you leave the house and go to bed to make sure it isn’t set too low.

Foam insulation can significantly improve the amount of hot air you can keep outside of your home if you believe your current insulation isn’t doing its job.

Additional Technics

  • Close Off Rooms in the House that Aren’t Frequently Used
  • Set Your Ceiling Fans to Rotate Counter-Clockwise
  • Vent the Hot Air Out of Your House
  • Plant Shade Outside Your Home

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